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  It came as something of a surprise when Diana, Princess of Wales,
made a trip co Angola in 1997, to support the Red Cross’s campaign for a
total ban on all anti-personnel landmines. Within hours of arriving in
Angola, television screens around the world were filled with images of
her comforting victims injured in explosions caused by landmines. “I
knew the statistics,” she said. “But putting a face to those figures
brought the reality home to me; like when I met Sandra, a 13- year-old
girl who had lost her leg, and people like her.”

  1-5 ABBCA

  The Princess concluded with a simple message: “We must stop
landmines”. And she used every opportunity during her visit to repeat
this message.

永利游戏网站官网,  1.A) The return of bottled message to its owner‘s daughtter。

  But, back in London, her views were not’ shared by some members of
the British government, which refused to support a ban on these weapons.
Angry politicians launched an attack On the Princess in the press. They
described her as “very ill-informed” and a “loose cannon (乱放跑的人)

  2.B) She wanted to honor her father‘s promise。

  The Princess responded by brushing aside the Criticisms: “This is a
distraction ( 干扰) we do not need. All I’m trying to do is help.”

  3.B) Several cases of Zika disease had been identified。

  Opposition parties, the media and the public immediately voiced
their Support for the Princess. To make matters worse for the
government, it soon emerged that the Princess’s trip had been approved
by the Foreign Office, and that she was in fact very well-informed about
both the situation in Angola and the British government’s policy
regarding landmines. The result was a severe embarrassment for the

  4.C) It lost a huge stock of bees。

  To try and limit the damage, the Foreign Secretary, Malcolm
Rifkidnd, claimed that the Princess’s views on landmines were not very
different from government policy, and that it was “working towards” a
worldwide ban. The Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo, claimed the
matter was “a misinterpretation or misunderstanding.” –

  5.A) It stayed in the air for about two hours。

  For the Princess, the trip to this war-torn country was an excellent
opportunity to use her popularity to show the world how much destruction
and suffering landmines can cause. She said that the experience had also
given her the chance to get closer to people and their problems.

  6-10 CDADC

  11. Princess Diana paid a visit to Angola in 1997

  6.C) Inadequate funding。

  A. to clarify the British government’s stand on landmines

  7.D) It is more environmentally friendly。

  B.to establish her image as a friend ‘of landmine victims

  8.A) It seems a depressing topic。

  C. to investigate the sufferings of landmine victims there

  9.D) They can‘t make it to the theatre in time。

  D.to voice her support for a total ban of landmines

  10.C) It is the most amusing show he has ever watched。

  12. What did Diana mean when she said “… putting a face tO those
figures brought the reality home to me” (Line 5, Para. 1)?

  11-15 BDCAD

  A.Meeting the landmine victims in person made her believe the

  11。 B) Go and see the dance。

  B. She just couldn’t bear to meet the landmine victims face to face.

  12。 D) She worries she won‘t fit in as a transter student。

  C. The actual situation in Angola made her feel like going back

  13。 C) Participate in after-school activities。

  D. Seeing the pain of the victims ma&her realize the seriousness of
the situation.

  14。 A) Give her help whenever she needs it。

  13. Some members of the British government criticized Diana because

  15。 D) She has just transterred to the college。

  A.she had not consulted the government before the visit

  16-20 BACDB

  B.she was ill-informed of the government’s policy

  16。 B) To find out which physical drive is the most powerful。

  C. they were actually opposed to banning landmines

  17。 A) When they are hungry。

  D. they believed that she had misinterpreted the situation in Angola

  18。 C) They prefer to be with other mice。

  14. How did Diana respond to the criticisms?

  19。 D) It is one of the best in the world。

  A. She made more appearances on TV.B. She paid no attention to them.

  20。 B) To move troops quickly from place to place。

  C. She rose to argue with her opponents.D. She met the 13-year-old
girl as planned.

  21-25 ABDCB

  15. What did Princess Diana think of her visit to Angola?

  21。 A) In the 1970s。

  A.It had caused embarrassment to the British government.

  22。 B) Messaging while driving。

  B. It had greatly promoted her popularity.

  23。 D) A device to ensure people drive with both hands。

  C.It had brought her closer to the ordinary people.

  24。 C) They are alerted with a light and a sound。

  D. It had affected her relations with the British government.

  25。 B) Using a connected app。

  NEWS 1


  News1 来自50年前的漂流瓶


  A Message in a bottle sent out to sea by a New Hampshire man more
than five decades ago was found 1,500 miles away and has been returned
to his daughter。 The long lost message was discovered by Clint
Buffington of Utah while he was vacationing。 Buffington says he found a
soda bottle half buried in the sand that looked like it had been there
since the beginning of time。 The note inside the bottles said, “return
to 419 Ocean Street and receive a reward of $150 from Richard and Tina
Pierce, owners of the Beach comber motel。” The motel was owned by the
parents of Paula Pierce in 1960。 Her father had written the note as a
joke and had thrown it into the Atlantic Ocean。 Buffington flew to New
Hampshire to deliver the message to Paula Pierce。 She held up to her
father‘s promise giving Buffington that reward, but the biggest reward
is the message in a bottle finding its way back home。

  Q1。 What is the news report mainly about?

  Q2。 Why did Pollard Pearce give Clint Buffington the reward?


  Q1。 新闻报道主要是关于什么?

  NEWS 2

  News 2 数百万蜜蜂在南卡罗来纳州死亡

  Millions of bees have died in South Carolina during aerial insect
spraying operations that were carried out to combat the Zika virus。 The
insect spraying over the weekend left more than 2 million bees dead on
the spot in Dorchester County South Carolina, where four travel-related
cases of Zika disease have been confirmed in the area。 Most of the
deaths came from flower town bee farm, a company in Summerville that
sells bees and honey products。 Juanita Stanley who owns the company
said the farm looks like it‘s been destroyed, the farm lost about 2.5
million bees。 Dorchester County officials apologized for the accidental
mass killing of bees。 Dorchester County is aware that some beekeepers
in the area that was sprayed on Sunday lost their bee colonies。 County
Manager Jason Ward said in a statement: I’m not pleased that so many
bees were killed。

  Question 3 Why was spraying operations carried out in Dorchester

  Question 4。 What does the news reports say about flower town bee



  Q3。 为什么在多尔切斯特县进行喷涂操作。 Q4。

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