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If you unfortunately had a severer disease and live in the hospital , 
who can save you ? 


This tragedy happened to a young man. 


It’s an 42 years old man, he has a seriously damaged heart, multi-organ
short of blood, with a fragile blood vessel which might break in any
minute. He had a heart shock. His blood pressure down to 78/40mmHg,
Heart beat is only 140 per minutes.


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The doctor is a very experienced senior doctor.  He knows that the
chance for this man to alive with a surgery is very little, maybe only

There is only one disease in the world, that is, poverty。

With such a little winning chance,  once he failed,  What he has to
facing ?


Can the family accept the death after he gave them the tiny hope ?


Will they really not blame the death to the doctor and challenge to each
single methods that he might use ?


As nowadays the relationship between patient and doctor is so tense. He
don’t have enough confidence to fight for the only 1% chance. 

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The doctor informed the patient’s family the facts. And  they need to
choose whether to try with a surgery for this 1% opportunity. The cost
will be around RMB 100K.

He‘s only 20 years old。 He’s just trying to live, and what‘s his

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After the patient knowing all the truth, he asked for a talk with the


The doctor  thought the patient will ask him to do the best to save his
life.  He has to face this situation all those years. He think he
understand people’s phonological emotions  when they have to face
death.  No one can easily accept to die without a fight. He go to the
patient, waiting for the patient’s  talk.


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To his surprise, the patient said to him: doctor, I made up my mind. I
want to give up the surgery. I didn’t earn much money this years, but I
have a very little son, I don’t want to put them into a bad situation.
But May I ask for a favor from you?  My blood vessel is not good, but
all of my other organs are in good condition. After I dead, pls help me
to donate all of my organ to keep others to alive. ”

Forty thousand yuan a bottle, I‘ve been sick and taken drugs for
three years.In order to buy medicine, my family has already collapsed。
Can you promise not to be sick for the rest of your life? I don’t want
to die。 I want to live。

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The doctor was so shocked. He can’t believe his ear. This people ‘s last
word to the doctor is to help others.  He was so touched so deeply and
his heart is beating quicker. He can’t stand to let such a kind people
to die without a try!


He made up his mind and said to the patient:” I’d like to ask for your
permission to let me try the surgery.  Yes, the chance is very little.
But if you give me your trust, I will put 200% of my capability to try. 
Maybe the God don’t want you this time. “


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Finally the patient agreed for a try. The doctor and the patient become
a team, Both of them build up trust,  fighting together against to the
death. They are so determined.

When I was ill, my wife was pregnant for six months, and I wanted
to die every day。 Now I have money for medicine。 If my daughter-in-law
gave birth to a child earlier, I could be a grandfather。

The whole surgery is very risky, and lots of the time the blood pressure
down to 70/30mmHg. But the doctor never thought of giving up.  The only
thing in his mind is make this nice man alive.


The surgery has a happen ending. The patient was saved.


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You may say that it’s sounds like a TV show. In fact it’s not a story,
it’s a real thing happened on 2017, March.24th, in Donghuan hospital.

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After it been reported, and people praise for the doctor’s great saving
patient story. The doctor said:” it’s not me who saved his life. It’s
his kindness , his nice soul saved him. He saved himself.”

I admit that I broke the law。 No matter how the verdict is, I have
no objection。 It is only my hope that this society will become better
in the future。

We are living in the word together with others. If we take care of
others, others will help us.  Love made us strong and powerful.





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They can‘t afford genuine medicine, and they’re waiting for me to
bring them back to save their lives。




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